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March 07, 2006


Big Pappa

I am a conservative...

1. Ann Coulter was wrong to say that. But I do have several of her books.

2. Any surplus OR debt belongs to the American people. The sad part is that we have these idiots in Congress (Ds and Rs).

3. Washington, DC should have full voting rights in the House of Representatives. They are not a state, therefor they should not have voting rights in the Senate.

4. Ronald Reagan was a great man! George W. Bush has been a disappointment on the economic front (excluding taxes).

5. The federal government should not have tried to insert themselves in that private matter.

6. Yes, a small percentage of it. And keep in mind that the actions of Enron, MCI WorldCom and Anderson all happened under Clinton's watch. They were busted under Bush's watch.

7. I do know best. And I live in Washington, DC.

8. I do, including Rush, the Bush twins, or anyone else.

9. I do think abortion is wrong, but not because of your phony adoption arguement. It is wrong because you are destroyign a life.

10. I continue to advocate for the elimination of the Dept. of Education. Out of every federal dollar spent on education, 90 cents of it should go to the classroom for books, supplies, teacher's salaries, etc. Not some effing beaurocrat in DC.

Yes, I am a conservative.

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